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    This church, led by Pastor Basil Monroe, is a branch of the United Pentecostal Church. On the surface, it appears to be a lively spirit filled church that highly respects Christian values.

    This church is strife with political battles and internal misconduct. At one point, I called the pastor of this church to request that he assist a single mother with some hardship, his reply word per word was, "Not My Problem." It was obvious that he meant to say it in a hurtful way with no care.

    This church sincerely believes that they are the ONLY church to be saved and that everyone else is on their way to hell. They take this from the fact that they believe that only they are the ones that provide the proper words spoken over their baptisms, and from time to time they have been known to ridicule other churches and other people's beliefs.

    Women are REQUIRED to wear long prairie dresses AT ALL TIMES, and are prohibited from cutting their hair. Due to a lack of these dresses in stores, many make their own dresses. Any perspective member must renounce watching television, wearing any kind of jewelry or make-up. Men are required to ALWAYS wear long sleeve shirts and long pants.

    After following ALL these guidelines, including the special formula Baptism, a person is not considered yet to be saved until he/she speaks in a godly language (tongues, they call it) brought on as a miracle of God himself.

    This church also believes that you are damned to hell unless you believe the Jesus is not only the Son of God, but is also the name of the Father, and the name of the Holy Ghost. This church renounces any trinity doctrine and claims that anyone that believes in the trinity is really a worshipper of OTHER gods.

    Added January 19, 2017 by Sammy Sams
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